Sunday, 17 March 2013

Day 1 Heathrow-Sao Paulo-Santiago

Our journey begins! Despite some last minute stress about Sea Survival Certificates, 12 of us departed from Heathrow on the 14th of March. We were going the long way round to Sau Paulo-Santiago-Punta Arenas and on to the Falklands. Meanwhile our leader Jean-Baptiste headed off with 6 others on the direct military flight via the Ascension Islands.

An afternoon was spent in Santiago enjoying the sunshine and a taking the chance to stretch our legs between flights. A seafood feast at the Mercado Central and some new Chilean cuisine ensured we didn’t go hungry. Thanks to Gwyn’s friend Jacky for showing us around! On such a lovely summer’s day, Chile’s Mediterranean influences combined with a feeling of new world optimism meant most of us would love to have stuck around a little longer.

Jan Zika

Above: Gwen, Andrew, Siobhan and Ben enjoying Seafood delights in an old downtown market.
Below: Front: Andy, Pierre and me. Back: Alex, Siobhan, Gwyn, Andrew, Ben, Paul and Gwen enjoying the view over Santiago.

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