Tuesday, 19 March 2013

Day 4 - Where the Scott are we going!

We awake on day 4. The jet lag and land-lubbering lethargy of the prievious days we must put behind us. Our departure is a sharp 9am, just moments after our IT guru, Richard, arrives from South Georgia by Sea.

An immediate safety brief and a tour of the rescue craft. Hamish sums it up well: “We don’t want you swimming in the water. It would be really dire. We’ll get you into a life raft dry…which will be really dire too…but we’ll be ok”. Expect a special post on what would happen in an emergency…perhaps towards the end when friends and family think we are safe ;-)

Photo: Skipper Hamish giving the team a talking to about safety. 

So it’s time to tell you where the Great Scott we are going. Our plan is to travel directly south toward the Antarctic Peninsula. On the way we’ll try and measure the Antarctic Circumpolar Current (more on that later) and also catch the centre of the blob! Then we will travel east towards the South Sandwich Arc picking up some moorings on the way, which hopefully aren’t frozen over with ice (more on that to come too). Then we’ll travel back around via South Georgia checking how much blob has oozed into the Atlantic (we’ll it doesn’t really ooze but it sounds cool…).

We have instruments to deploy. See you tomorrow!

 Photo: 'Planned' Cruise track. We'll see how much the ice stops us in our tracks.


  1. Jan - I'm enjoying the blog. Safety briefings are better than not knowing what to do in an emergency - but you have to remember in the heat (or cold) of the moment.

  2. Hello man, did you take off already? Who is doing the DMP/HRP? cheers