Saturday, 13 April 2013

Night 29: News update from the late night tracer shift

Hello again

A special blog post from the nocturnal tracer madmen tonight! They bring much needed reggae and caffine fueled creativity to the voyage. Enjoy!



You will no doubt be aware of the famous ‘fire triangle’ of fuel, heat and Oxygen - remove any one, and the fire will stop. Tonight seems like an appropriate time to remind everyone of the ‘night shift triangle’: 

Caffeine: Coke. Full fat. No exceptions.

Reggae: The louder the better. Any Reggae will work, but Shaggy is the night shift artist of preference

Food: Paddy’s night meal should be enough to see you through from midnight to breakfast

Take away any of these vital ingredients, and your night shift is doomed to fail. Just see what happened when the night meal was replaced with a reindeer BBQ in South Georgia – morale took a definite dip!

Ben (Left): "It says 'Instant Coffee'...why won't it appear...all I see is dry brown stuff.  Stevie (right): Reggae...Caffeine...something is missing...


Still no tracer. End of tracer news.


The Tape Modern is pleased to announce the acquisition of a new masterpiece for it’s international collection: ‘Rhones Alpes’ by Woodward and Mills. The piece will initially be loaned to the Musee du casque, under the stewardship of ‘head’ curator Pierre Lebrouche. A sneak preview of the work in its glamorous new location can be seen below:

Results are in for the much coveted CTD Sports Personality of the Week award. The tracer team have compiled a list of everyone’s night shift sampling contributions. Thanks go to all the men, women and physicists who have assisted. The scores are:

3rd place – James B (21)

2nd place – Brian K (26)

And the winner is...Xinfeng Liang (37)

Special mention also goes to Alex F, who would no doubt have finished higher up the leaderboard if he wasn’t scared of getting his hands wet.

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