Wednesday, 17 April 2013

Day 32: All that way just to spell your name?

The scientist and crew are all very grateful to JB. He has managed to coordinate the cruise well so far. We have seen sea-ice, whales and South Georgia. Today he is attempting to cash in some of that kudos. He wants to fulfill a lifelong dream: to write his name in the ocean...

Photo 1: JB, hoping to write his name in ship track. Gwyn is dubious as to his motives.

Jesting aside (as Brian K would say), our  cruise track is changing quite significantly from our original plan. The reason (at least the one JB is sticking too) is that the tracer concentration is very low where we are. It is about one tenth the concentration it was this time last year. Back then it was clearly centred between South America and Antarctica. This time we are measuring the tailing end of the blob. It has slipped between our fingers into the Atlantic. (For those who remember the Squash/cordial analogy we are following it downstream and the taste is weak but getting stronger). We have 10 days North we will pursuit. The Fact that on JB's last cruise he drew a J shape and this time it will look like a B...coincidence?

Photo 2: We hope that this "B-line" will take us to the core of the blob. If not, it may be lost forever.

We will find the blob! Stay tuned


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